Sweet Words

Tonight our seven year old son Caden made a very clear and cute comment to his 21 month old little brother Levi. It went like this:

Caden said,  “Levi, would you please be quiet? I am trying to read.”

These are truly sweet words for a parent of a child that has endured delays in almost every area of development. Caden actually is reading some simple words and learning to spell through homeschool phonics instruction provided by my wife. We are still working with Caden to develop his speech. He has been getting speeh therapy 1-2 times per week since birth. At age four he was communicating almost exclusively with sign language. Here is a video of Caden speaking when he was 4 years old.


Learn more about Caden and his brothers at Caden’s Page.

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I encourage dads to rise above mediocrity in marriage and parenting. I write and speak on technology, biblical parenting principles, education, and parenting medically special needs kids. My wife Sherry and I co-host the Home School Support Network.