Podcast Review of Monumental and the Easter Bunny

Daddy Life Podcast Episode 26I am here to help you Dads to be the parents that God intended for your to be.

Yes folks, Things are changing. Regular listeners may have heard from intro that I am changing things up a little. I am refining the focus of the Daddy Life podcast. Feedback continues to prove that dads are hungry for more encouragement on the parenting front. I almost exclusively get feedback from the non-technical content so that is where I am going to focus attention. There are plenty of dads out there covering the things that entertain. I am here to equip and challenge you to rise above the level of mediocrity in your marriage and in your parenting.

I will add tech tips in as subjects questions are raised. As in recent episode, I will only include a tech time in occasionally moving forward.

So what am I talking about this week:

This week I am going to provide you with an audio version of my review of Kirk Cameron’s new documentary titled Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure. Only you will get more in the audio because I can bring Kirk into from the trailers and let him tell you about the movie in his own words.

Before we get into that I want to talk about Easter. If you are new to the show you will know that I am very big on relationships. In particular I am big on telling the truth to your kids concerning things like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. And you guessed it, I am in favor of keeping it real and true concerning the Easter Bunny. We do Easter baskets and egg hunts, but we tell our kids the truth about where the candy eggs and chocolate bunny’s come from. There is no magical bunny. Really! Seriously!

Also mentioned in this episode are some points from David Platt’s book titled Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.

Monumental is Highly recommended! DEMAND THE MOVIE

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I encourage dads to rise above mediocrity in marriage and parenting. I write and speak on technology, biblical parenting principles, education, and parenting medically special needs kids. My wife Sherry and I co-host the Home School Support Network.

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    Hi hank and happy Easter! I agree with your kseeping it real and not misleading kids on the fairy tale-like traditions. But why stop there? Why not encourage critical thinking when discussing religion? Could God also be a fairy tale character?

    And to reply to a previous proverbsmom comment on your previous podcast, the feds just released data on the teen pregnancy rate. No increase, but major decrease. Usatoday had a quick summary article today. Anyway, looks like you should add a comment and attribute the decrease to moral relativism 🙂

  • http://DaddyLife.net/ Hank Osborne


    I’ll bite on this one. Unlike many atheist free thinkers, we do teach our children about opposing views regarding God and religion.

    As example we do not demand that our children believe a certain way, but offer our kids opposing theories on subjects like evolution which are rooted in a religion of non-belief in God. I don’t see that happening with atheist who say that God is a fairy tale. Where in the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. do we see views shared by many scientist regarding the creation of the earth and its destruction via Noah’s flood? I am left to educate my kids and encourage critical thinking beyond the indoctrination offered by secular science rooted in atheistic anti-Christian beliefs as shown in these museums and science text books. So in my opinion, my kids are better equipped than most kids and adults on the street concerning critical thinking concerning things like evolution vs. creation theories. As a matter of fact, I would almost guarantee that my 10 year old would score higher than 99% of the general population on a test of knowledge on evolution theories which are directly opposed to what we believe. So who is really teaching critical thinking on this subject? We certainly don’t see any science text books talking about the creation theories (beliefs of many Christians) about the earth having been created by a supernatural being and then destroyed by a worldwide flood. Instead we only get fairy tales about Big Bangs, improved complexity of life, and other things that defy numerous scientific laws that are taught in the very same text books and museums. Secular scientific theories are as much based on fairy tale as any Christian belief. You see, Christians are okay with not having scientific visual proof based on double blind trials. They are also okay with being criticized for believing in what non-believers call fairy tales. You are taught to expect that as a Christian. Secular scientist don’t like being told they are believing in fair tales at all, but they also don’t have the hard evidence to prove their theories anymore than a Christian does.

    On your comment regarding the story of decreased pregnancy rates among teens, well, your wording is not accurate. The reports are not about “pregnancy” rate but rather “birth” rates. Notice they don’t talk about how many teen girls get pregnant and then abort. There is a big difference between pregnancy rate and birth rate among teens. And yes, I’ll be happy to chalk up abortion rates to moral relativism. Our society in general has not regard for human life. We have laws to protect fertilized turtle eggs but not to protect fertilized human eggs.