Is There Enough Love To Go Around?

Valerie over at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom has shared how she struggles with the guilt that comes with pregnancy. The guilt comes from her concern that she will miss out on things with her other children because she can’t be as active during pregnancy.

Valerie stuck a cord with me because Sherry and I have had lengthy conversations concerning how our son Caden’s medical care affects our family. We try our best to have a “normal” life, but sometimes issues arise without warning. Our entire family has to turn on a dime so ensure Caden gets the care he needs. In recent years Caden has been hospitalized nearly a dozen times due to illness that was sudden. I remember in 2009 we failed to have a single birthday party where all of our children and both Sherry and I were present. This was all cause by Caden’s hospitalizations. A year like that really makes you feel like you have let your other kids down.

Moms seem to get an extra dose of concern for issues like this and Valerie shares her heart concerning the guilt that arises as a result of this concern. Valerie’s husband steps in to provide some wise advice from his unique perspective. He sets a great example for what we all need to do as dads and husbands when our wives face legitimate feelings that can’t be avoided. Check out Valerie’s article at

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