The Fathers Mandate Part 7 of 8

From Growing Kids God’s Way by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo
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Mandate number 7.  A father must routinely embrace his children.

Sherry and I meet in a hugging community. We meet through Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Some folks shake hands, but PTK members HUG!

Mom’s touch provides kids with a feeling of comfort and love. Dad’s hugs

Mr. Ezzo warns that if parents, especially dads, don’t embrace their kids, they will eventually seek it from someone else. And they will find the affection they want and you will likely not like it.

Don’t let you daughter’s preadolescence physical changes cause you to treat her any different. She is the same person on the inside. She needs to know her dad loves her as she goes through these changes.

Hug your kids!

Tech Time

Which anti-virus should you use on your Android phone?

Facebook social engineering.

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Technology Safety is more about Behavior than the Technology!

Podcast Episode 16 – Google Security Tips

The Fathers Mandate Part 5 of 8

From Growing Kids God’s Way
Scroll down to the reference for Chapter 4

Happy Birthday Caden

Mandate number 5.  A father must be the encourager of the family.

Not just encouraging words but a spirit of encouragement.

Leave notes for your kids in their lunch boxes.

Write a letter. Tell you wife to remind you about this one. Scapbooks!

Consider having dad sign Christmas cards and birthday cards.

Give your kids the opportunity to prove themselves trustworthy.
My dad gave me the freedom to drive my little sister around our farm in the old Ford Fairlane. I talked about this in my Howto Train Your Kids to use the Internet Safely.

9 year old driving 64 Ford Fairlane
Tech Time

  1. Strong Passwords – change them
  2. Enable two step verification
  3. Always PATCH your operating systems, browsers, and applications
  4. Be aware of suspect web sites – social engineering
  5. Check for antivirus and malware – Use well know products and keep them current

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Technology Safety is more about Behavior than the Technology!

BB Guns, Sling Shots, and a Red Mustang

Caden and Daddy on the Archery Range

Photo taken by Riley Osborne

The weekend was so much fun. I enjoyed it almost as much as the boys. Riley and Caden learned how to shoot good old fashion Daisy BB guns, bow and arrows, and sling shots (wrist rockets) loaded with dog food. Our local Boy Scout district group puts on a an event called the Cub Scout Tiger Safari each year in the fall. This event allows new Cub Scouts Caden to experience some really cool activities that they would otherwise have to wait until next summer when offered at the day and resident camps. Things like BB Gun and Archery can only be offered at district and regional level events for safety reasons.

The belt loops and pins that the kids earn are the big prize. Belt loops are awards for elective sports and academic activities that have specific criteria in order to earn. Since the BB guns are only offered a couple of times per year at district or regional events it is an extra special treat for a Cub Scout to earn the BB gun and Archery belt loops. Going into this weekend Riley had earned nearly a dozen belt loops already for chess, computers, foreign language, fishing, swimming, flag football, and more. He was allowed to attend this Tiger specific event as a participating sibling.

The Tiger Safari was held at Camp Moultrie just North of Moncks Corner, SC. This is a Boy Scouts of America camping area located on the shore of Lake Moultrie right next to the Navy recreation center called Short Stay. It is about a 45 minute drive from our house in Goose Creek, SC.

Josiah and Levi in the Toy Red MustangOnce we arrive back home we spent a good portion of the afternoon playing outside. Josiah took Levi for a ride int he little red convertible muscle car. The boys love to run this miniature version of a Ford Mustang around in circles in the cul de sacin front of our house. It was  an action packed day that left a smile on every child’s face.




Here are more pictures from our day:

Riley with the sling shot.

Sling Shot

Caden on the BB Gun Range.

Caden shooting a Daisy BB Gun at Cub Scout CampCaden getting ready to fire a wrist rocket.

Caden getting ready to fire a wrist rocket

Riley shooting a BB gun.

Riley with the Daisy BB Gun

Podcast Episode 11 – Why we are here, DigiNotar, Courageous Movie

Daddy Life Podcast Show Notes

Caden Update – Caden had surgery on Thursday, September 22, 2011.  Go to Caden’s Page for more details.

Legacy Home School Support Group live speaking event – Outstanding feedback several emails and one phone call. Episode 1 audio clip – demonstrating improvements in quality and helping reiterate why this podcast exists. (Nominations end 9/30)

Podcast Name: Daddy Life
Podcast URL: 

Why are we here? The provide free content for parents to learn how to build solid relationships with the children. That will lead to children with teachable spirits who want to learn what their parents have to say about technology safety and so much more.

Tech Time

DigiNotar – Computerworld says “The Dutch company that was hacked earlier this summer by certificate thieves has gone bust and shut down, its U.S.-based owner said Tuesday.”

Parenting – Relationships and Character Training

  • The Father’s Mandate – In the next episode we will begin with part 1 of a 8 part series on I implement the Fathers Mandate from chapter 4 of the Growing Kids God’s Way parenting series by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.
  • Pilot training example. Once my instructor slapped my hand and never apologized I was not interested in hearing what he had to say about anything.
  • Courageous Movie opens Friday September 30th.


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Technology Safety is more about Behavior than the Technology!



Podcast Episode 10 – Cell Phones, Character Training, Facebook

Daddy Life Podcast Show Notes

Cell Phone Security Tips
Caden’s Page – Surgery date of September 22. Details will be on Caden’s Page.

Review of Facebook policy on access to your kids accounts

Moral maturity is not about age

Relationship and character training

BetterDadPodcast – Hank will be a guest on an upcoming episode of the Becoming a Better Dad Podcast with Andy and Cory.

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Technology Safety is more about Behavior than the Technology!


7 Security Tips for Windows XP

Why Windows XP? The data I have seen suggests that Windows XP is still alive and well and is still running neck-n-neck with Windows 7 to be the most popular operating system among Internet users. Analytics on my sites pretty much agree with w3schools and oh by the way, XP is what I had my hands on when writing this post. Similar tips for Windows 7 will be coming very soon.

There are some basic but very important security steps that you should follow on your Windows XP computer immediately. These are recommended regardless of whether you are allowing your child to use your PC.

  1. Install an antivirus program. Some options are McAfeeNorton, or Trend Micro
  2. Use a strong password. Your password should be at least 8 characters long and contain upper, lower, a number and a special character. You password should not contain any part of your login name or the computer name.  Here is a good password:  Il!ke2fly  That is a short sentence “I like to fly” crammed together into a nine character password. The number “2” substituted the word “to” and then with an exclamation point in place of an “I”.
  3. Install the latest “Software Updates” (this includes your operating system and applications)
  4. Right-click on your desktop and select “Properties”. Then click the “Screen Saver” tab. Select a screensaver choice from the drop down for the “Screen Saver” and Adjust the “Wait” setting to 15 minutes or less.
    Screen Saver Tab Win XP
  5. On the same window as above check the “On resume, password protect” checkbox.  
  6. Create a unique account for each user. Ricght-Click on “My Computer” and select “Manage” to display the following window. After navigating to the “Users” folder in the left pane, Right-Click inside the right pane and select “Add user”.
    User Manager Win XP 

    Fill in the form in the following Window that appears:
    New User Win XP

    Please refer to password  Bullet Point #2 for password recommendations. Allowing your child to set a simpler password may be required for the younger ones.
    Once you have created the new user then close the windows opened during this step.

  7. Install Internet filter and monitoring software.

What other simple suggestions do you have?  Do you disagree with any of the above?


Podcast Episode 8 – Identity Protection and Why Cub Scouts

Daddy Life Podcast Show Notes

FREE PodCasting 101 Webinar with Cliff Ravenscraft from – Saturday, September 3, 2011 beginning at Noon Eastern. It appears to be scheduled for approximately 90 minutes. REGISTER NOW

  • An overview of how podcasting works
  • Podcast equipment options
  • Podcast website & media hosting recommendations
  • How to properly set up a podcast rss feed
  • How to submit a podcast to podcast directories
  • A proven step by step podcast production workflow
  • An offer to purchase the video High Definition video recording of this session for $49 FREE. Cliff decided to give away the HD recording.
Caden’s Page – Scoliosis surgery was postponed due to illness. Caden was admitted for pneumonia. Visit Caden’s Page and sign up for updates. 

Identity ProtectionNorfolk Naval Base McDonald’s Cashier Admits to Stealing Credit Card Data

Cub Scouts – What are Cub Scouts and Why we participate. Link will be posted in a few days

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5 iPhone, iPad, and iPod Security Settings for Parents

There are some basic settings that parents should configure on their iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  If you are the parent of older kids who have their own iPod, iPad, or iPhone then you should add these practices to the list of things you want to share and train them in while using their own devices. Please remember that kids are more likely to say what you say, do what you do, and they are less likely to do what you say. So set a good example and use these tips on your own devices.

1 – Lock the Screen

Go To:  Settings/General/Auto-Lock

I recommend you adjust this setting to “1 Minute” so that the device screen locks after one minute of inactivity. This prevents little kids from inadvertently accessing, deleting, or altering content on your device.

2 – Set a Password or Passcode

Go To: Settings/General/Passcode Lock

Select “Turn Passcode On”. Set “Require Passcode” to immediately so that the device cannot be used without the passcode once the device screen locks. This passcode will also be required to change the passcode settings in the future even if you allow your child to use the device unattended to play Angry Birds. The reason why on this one is obvious. Auto-locking the screen is useless if you are not going to require a password to unlock it. That would be like locking a door and leaving the key in the lock.

3 – Turn Off Unused Services

Got To: Settings/General/ [Bluetooth, Network, and/or Location Services]

If you are not using Network, Bluetooth or Location Services then go ahead and set them to “Off”. This prevents accidental access to unsafe networks and lowers your rick of getting hacked by someone who knows how to break into these services.

4 – Use Restrictions

Go To: Settings/General/Restrictions

There are a number of things that can be restricted, but I want to focus on content in this one. By default everything is allowed. This includes Allowed Content such as Explicit Music and Podcasts, Movies rated up to NC-17 (including R), and TV-MA. My wife and I don’t even view movies above a PG-13 rating so we certainly don’t want our kids accessing mature content via their iPod.

5 – Restrict In-App Purchases

This is related to the previous item, but warrants its own bullet in our house. This is the area where you restrict your kids from inadvertently buying something via those pop-up ads that kids like my little Caden enjoy clicking while playing Angry Birds.

Remember: Technology Safety is more about Behavior than the Technology!

Podcast Episode 7 – Mommy is a Wife, OpenDNS, Passwords

Mommy is also a Wife

– stay home moms especially need to be reminded and protected by dad (husband) in this area
– Dates
– Send mom out
– Do something special

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman (affiliate link)

Security Tools

New security tools page with a link for OpenDNS.

Review 10 Simple Security tips for Mac – Creating separate logins on your computers for your kids. Also included are some tips on passwords and pass phrases that are easy to remember but difficult to guess.

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Podcast Episode 5 – Social Media and Soical Engineering

This episode covers the following topics:

Are you friends with your child on Facebook?

Did you know that there is a good chance your child has a social media account even though you may not approve?

Facebook terms of Use

Social Engineering

Spear Phishing

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